Terms of use

General provisions

  • autobonus.lt is free of change commercials storage and search system where announcement can be entered by any user observing autobonus.lt requirements as set in the system directions.
  • The directions are mandatory for the User. The User states the acceptance of the directions and undertakes to follow them  while activating link "I have read the direction and accept them". Persons who do not agree at least with one condition of the directions cannot become Users of the site.
  • autobonus.lt reserves the right to amend or supplement the directions any time at their discretion without prior warning of the User.
  • autobonus.lt activities are regulated by the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.



For entering commercial in autobonus.lt site the User must follow the conditions below:

  • The same commercials can only be entered once. Commercials can be updated by registered users.
  • Commercials shall be classified and entered into proper sections under their content.
  • Users are not allowed to enter commercials that do not conform to the reality. Also, entering of graphical images instead of the photo of sold object or other modification of pictures is forbidden.
  • While entering the commercial, the user confirms his right to use the pictures and this usage does not violate the rights of any third persons, also, the user takes full responsibility for the content of the commercial.
  • The users are forbidden to enter unethical or false information or information which is against Lithuanian legislation.



  • autobonus.lt administration is not liable for the information and content of the entered commercials.
  • autobonus.lt administration is not liable for losses incurred due to the use of the information found in the commercial, also for possible damage incurred while searching for commercial.
  • autobonus.lt administration is not liable for system operation disorders.
  • autobonus.lt administration has a decisive vote in all arguments with Users. Unsatisfied Users can terminate the use of the system services at any moment.
  • autobonus.lt administration has rhe right to deleted commercials from their database if they are not in line with the established requirements. Also, it holds the right to forbid the user in default to use autobonus.lt services without prior notice.


Use of information

  • User states that he/she provides the information to autobonus.lt by his/her volition and agrees that information shall be stored in a digital form in autobonus.lt database for unlimited period of time. User provides information to autobonus.lt also for the third parties unlimited access, view and copying.
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